Welcome to my Kayak Fishing blog!

Greetings fellow Anglers and Paddlers!

There’s nothing better than getting out on the water, whether it’s for a nice leisurely paddle or to do some fishing so why not combine them?

I don’t currently own a boat. Well, aside from a kayak that is.
So, when I discovered the world of ‘yak fishing, I had to jump on board.

I’ve found that I don’t need much:

  • A Kayak (of course)
  • Paddle
  • PFD (Personal Flotation Device – wearable)
  • Clamp on Rod Holders – I got mine from amazon
  • Storage – milk crates work great
  • Anchor system – nothing worse than finding a honey hole and then drifting away from it
  • Small cooler for water/food – remember, paddling is quite the work out and you need to sustain your muscles so you don’t get caught in a spot where you physically are too tired to paddle back
  • If you’re fishing for keepers, a line, small cooler, or fish bag will be needed if you catch anything worth frying up for supper.
    I’m a catch and release angler, so this isn’t part of my equipment

Additional gear that makes life easier:

  • Paddle/Rod leashes – these connect your paddle or fishing rod to your boat. Imagine hooking a large mouth and accidentally dropping your paddle into the water. Not a fun day. Not that that has ever happened to me…
  • Fish Finder – I have the iBobber which is great because there’s no extra equipment. It connects to your line and casts/floats just like a real bobber, and the bluetooth sends the sonar to your smart phone

Once you’ve got your boat outfitted, you’re ready to float! Seriously, it doesn’t take much to turn your regular sit on top (which I recommend over a sit in, just for the sake of mobility. When fishing you need to be able to move around) kayak into a fishing machine capable to getting into the little shallow inlets that a larger boat just can’t access.

Here’s a pic of my ‘yak with rods and an anchor attached. More photos to come as I adventure through the lakes and rivers of North Carolina with this thing. IMG_1317.jpg

1 thought on “Welcome to my Kayak Fishing blog!

  1. Love my kayak fishing adventures! Looking forward to reading to posts!


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